John Galliano- New Creative Director of Vionnet?

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The New York Fashion Week is not only the time for revealing the new collections by the leading fashion designers but also the place where the latest rumors appear. One of the loudest rumors heard at the first rows of the key fashion shows is the forthcoming employment of the disgraced designer John Galliano.
Seems like the talented designer is not only occupied with the suit with Dior fashion house, but also with studying the new contract with the French fashion label Vionnet, which was recently acquired by the billionaire Goga Ashkenazi.
It is said that the business lady, who is famous for her phenomenal grip, which she demonstrated by getting into the longstanding relationships with the wealthiest men in the world, has the serious intentions to take Vionnet clothing label to the new heights and thus plans to employ for the position of the creative only the cult designers.
Well, I have no doubts this collaboration will take place since Goga always achieves her goals, while Galliano fully corresponds to Goga’s notion about the cult designer.

Vionnet Fall 2012 Collection

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