Kylie Jenner Teases With Puma’s New Ad

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Kylie Jenner has built a foundation for her makeup empire but she is no stranger to fashion either. With her multi-million Puma contract the reality star has now a new product to promote and it is coming this April. Puma Fierce trainer is a sleek redesign of Rihanna’s Fenty trainer that is more gym activity-friendly.

Puma that has been largely overshadowed by its big competitors like Nike and Adidas with their social media presence and celebrity collaborations (Kanye West Adidas shoe line, Rita Ora Adidas collection, Stella McCartney for Adidas line and so on), but now with Rihanna and Kylie on board the brand hopes to extend its market.

I am for one more interested in the set Kylie’s wearing in the picture. The beautiful royal blue makes for a nice alternative to black but at the same time isn’t too garish to wear with casual clothes in between gym sessions. What do you think?

Kylie Jenner


Rihanna  for Puma SS 2016

Puma Fenty Trainer

Puma Fenty Trainer SS 2016


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