Last Minute Leather Jacket Halloween Costume Ideas

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Leather jacket is a popular clothing item that never seems to go out of style. Many fictional characters like it too. Here are a few of them to go as if you have a similar leather jacket and some makeup skills.

Similarity of styles is important because otherwise you’re just a guy/gal in a leather jacket. Accessories can help you complete the costume and make you look more like the character you chose.

Leather Jacket Halloween Costume Ideas

Mel Gibson as Mad Max in Road Warrior

Girls, if you have a straight brown leather jacket Katniss Everdeen is the easiest get up there is. You might need a bow but you can DIY from a branch and rope. That and the braid are the key to the look.

The old Lara Croft games have a great outfit for the character that involves a sports-style leather jacket. If you have a motorcycle, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to show up to the party riding it.

You can also turn into a girl with a dragon tattoo and you don’t even have to have it. Just wear grungy pants, a stretched out tank, and a black leather jacket to copy Rooney Mara’s style from the film. Black hair and lots of piercings will enhance your look while the foundation-concealed eyebrows will complete it.

Guys have a lot more options when it comes to leather jackets. You can go as Green Arrow of Arrow TV series, but there you’ll definitely need a hood and a bow. You can draw your mask on with face paint. Another hooded but less known character would be Alex Mercer from a Prototype video game. You’ll need some cool classy shoes though.

Dean Winchester of Supernatural likes his leather jacket brown and a bit on the worn side so feel free to wear your regular jeans with it and have a slice of pie or a donut around to prove you’re him.

Mad Max is an icon so you won’t go unnoticed if you wear a leg brace and a old worn out black leather jacket (one missing sleeve is totally acceptable).

Regarless of being last-minute and quite easy these costumes still require some effort so be sure to consider all the accessories and details you can find and add them to your costume in order to be recognized.

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