Mango July 2013 Lookbook To Alter Your World

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Mango July 2013 lookbook
Mango July 2013 lookbook

Can you imagine a juicy fruit that melts in your mouth? The moment you bite on it, you can feel the yummy flavour on your tongue. And that sweet juice pours down your chin and ends up somewhere on your white shirt. You don’t even bother to wipe it off, such a pleasure it is to feel it settling down in your stomach. And this is what majority of people would associate mango with. But as a person devoted to fashion, I have a totally different thing on my mind. One of my favorites, the Spanish brand Mango produces awesome pieces of clothing and footwear along with beautiful accessories. If fruit is still the first word that comes to your mind, when you hear someone mentioning mango, it is quite a time for you to slightly alter your perception. It is not just a tropical fruit. From now on, mango should serve for you as a symbol of trendy and saucy outfits; as your way to share your lifestyle with people around you. And to help you make that change, here is Mango July 2013 lookbook. Why would anyone think of food, when there is so much beauty and fashion?

Change Your View with Mango July 2013 Lookbook

Cato Van Ee, the Dutch fashion model, is featured in Mango July 2013 lookbook. She rocks grunge style, which is going to be super popular this fall. So if you have an intention to be on trend, I kindly recommend you to reserve some time in your busy calendars and pay a visit to the closest Mango shop. As for now, you have a great chance to choose your favorite items, so that you know what to look for.

Mango July 2013 lookbook
Mango July 2013 lookbook

I am ready to reveal my favorite item of Mango July 2013 lookbook collection. It is this absolutely gorgeous black leather mini skirt with a zippered front. It is so saucy and cool, that I can hardly wait till the payday! To be honest, I even talk to that skirt in my mind, convincing and begging it to not fit any other girl except for myself. Nonsense? You won’t think so, when I finally get that precious piece of fabric!

Another awesome look is a ruffled blue chiffon dress with a plaid shirt over. First it seemed to me that Cato was wearing a coat, but then my common sense knocked in with a reasonable Why Would Mango Offer A Coat In July question. So yes, it is a shirt and it is awesome! You can wear it with anything in your wardrobe – be it a pair of boyfriend jeans or some fancy skorts. What I love about this outfit the most is those black military ankle boots that totally add a grungy appeal to the whole look.

Mango July 2013 lookbook
Mango July 2013 lookbook

And, of course, there is no way grunge can float without a leather jacket. This time Mango opted for a simple design but perfect lines. It sits so well on the Dutch beauty, that  I can’t imagine her in a different piece. Cato’s look is styled by bleached and ripped denim shorts with a studded belt, brown-orangish shirt, and those outstanding boots! I have definitely picked my number two in the list of purchases.

I know, your fashionista’s nature craves more looks to enjoy and fall in love with. I am more than happy to bring some shine into your dim days. I am not just putting here a classic To Be Continued though. Check out the gallery for more magnificent Mango July 2013 lookbook outfits. And, remember, mango is more than just a fruit!


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