Would You Buy Sneakers Made Of Ocean Plastic Waste?

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Adidas has made a few efforts to be more eco-friendly and create something of a call to action with their 3D-printed shoes made of ocean plastic waste. And while they are not making those shoes for production would you be willing to buy this kind of shoes to encourage other brands to clean up the ocean of plastic all the while producing a stylish product or at least do what Nike did back in 2008 and opt for a waste-free production with their Trash Shoe, which was made out of scraps.

Sneakers Made From Ocean Plastic Waste?

Adidas ocean plastic shoes

This past year Adidas paid a lot of attention to ocean waste and 3D printing, the importance of which cannot be overestimated. Partnering up with the organization that works to end ocean pollution, Parley for the Oceans, Adidas first pulled out some illegal poaching gillnets off the coast of West Africa and incorporated them into the upper of the shoe and then they also 3D-printed a shoe sole using what garbage they amassed.

Both shoes turned out looking great and it’s too bad they aren’t for sale. Gathering material wasn’t easy but if someone started doing it the process of recycling plastic for new purposes would give us so many advantages.

Adidas 3D-printed sole

What do you think about ocean waste shoes?

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