3 Best Trends of 2015 That Deserve To Live Past New Year

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As we are preparing to set off the clean slate there are things that are too good to just leave behind. For instance, there are trends that have reappered after a long time of no see and just stayed and grew strong through the past couple of years. I’m thinking crop tops and leggings. These three trends may as well be the only fashion for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t mind.

3 Best Trends of 2015

Athletic Chic

Athletic chic

Spend a half a thousand bucks on athletic clothes to just sweat in it in a gym? No way. Athletic chic shows that even the most functional of clothes can be sexy, cute, and uber stylish so it’s not only limited to the gym. You can wear it with leather jackets, mini skirts, and even heels. Athletic shoes, by the way, are a big part of that, so hurray for all the stylish trainers.

Laced Up Flats

laceup flats

Ballerina shoes with an edge have been hauntingly omnipresent on Pinterest this year and the way they look. How can anyone not make them a wardrobe staple?

Heavily Decorated Leather/Bomber Jackets

Decorated bomber jacket

2015 leather and bomber jackets were sporting some serious decor. Some mstudded, others written on, while yer others are embellished with rhinestones, decorative threading, and more.

What was your favorite 2015 fashion trend?

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