3 Boot Trends for Stylish Winter

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Boots are a winter essential. Plunging winter temperatures make sure that the boots are always in. But here are the most trendy, most sexy, and the most stylish of them.

Trendy Winter Boot Styles

Boot trend winter 2015

Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are rguably the main trend of winter 2015. They were presented by the designers during fashion week in both leather and suede decorated with patchwork, clear heels, and fringe. Pairing them with a sweater dress is the hottest street look but you can also wear them over skinny leather pants.

Mid-calf heeled boots

Ankle boots have already become a staple and a must-have but mid-calf heeled boots are going in and out. If you like this length or it accentuates your leg shape, then go for them. But be wary, they may visually cut your legs in half making for unflattering look, so if that’s the case, better opt for knee boots (or over-the-knee) or ankle boots.

Laced Boots

Laced up boots and booties were one of the most popular styles on the fall-winter runways. Lacing can be seen in peep-toe open heeled boots, ankle boots, and thigh high boots. It’s not only on the front either, the back and the sides of the boots also get the treatment. What is your favorite winter boot style?

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