90’s Fashion Trends That Are Huge Now

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90’s trends are so back, it’s like one big worldwide nostalgia party. Crop tops, baggy jeans, and lot of Calvin Kleins, that’s what they basically are, oh, but there’s so much more. Remember the flannel shirts tied around waist and ridiculous denim skirts? What about plastic butterfly clips and choker necklaces? Well, while it’s fun to relive some of the childhood fashion moments we’ll talk about the 90’s trends that made it past the early 00’s and will definitely stick around the upcoming year.

90’s Fashion Trends To Wear Now

90's trends

Crop tops

Crop tops were ridiculously popular in the 90’s and eventhough they were a part of the 70s fashion revival at the time, they became quite popular today and it be a while till the trend dies out again. The only difference is that today’s trend mostly encourages to hide your bellybutton by wearing high-waisted skirts or pants, which is another trend of the past that has become a part of everyday wardrobe.

Slip Dresses

First emerging in the 1920’s slip dresses weren’t made to be worn on their own. They were meant to be a replacement for corsets and in the 90’s a slip dress has become a clothing item in its own right. They are still big now and are a great everyday base item.

Leggings/Exercise Clothes

With the workout gear becoming more and more cool and overly designed it’s no wonder it’s getiing worn on its own just like in the 90’s when the leggings and the sportswear including keds and sneakers were a huge part of street fashion.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans flood street style fashion and are generally loved almost as much as mom jeans both so popular in the 90’s. And though denim never really went out of style (and probably won’t for at least another what? century?) these two really took off again not that long ago.

What are your most and least favorite 90’s fashion trends and which ones wiuld you love to be brought back?

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