Beige Leggings: A Worthy Trend Or A Fashion Crime?

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Celebrities are people but when it comes to fashion they are allowed to be a bit more daring even in every day life. I wouldn’t exactly call this particular trend that seems to be arising too bold but there is something about it that makes it tricky. Is it the color, is it the fact that it’s leggings? And the main question is, is it a worthy trend or a fashion sin you simply cannot afford in real life?

Some may still argue that wearing leggings as pants is tacky but they were proven wrong so many times. When done right, leggings can be a great everyday jeans alternative. They are also more comfortable.

Let’s address the color then. Nude may not be the best option for leggings. But camel brown or sand-y beige somehow makes a world of difference. Just look at these celeb examples:

Miranda Kerr LAX

Neutral tricolor look suits model Miranda Kerr, but we also love the suede texture

The suede leggings and waist belt design of these leggings makes it possible to pair them with a super hot crop top.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez pairs her leather leggings with a white turtleneck but we’re not sure about those sandals

Selena Gomez makes case for camel leather leggings in this Fall look. the only problem here are the open sandals whereas ankle boots would look so much more fitting.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio wears hers with grey top and boots while going out and about…

Alessandra Ambrosio

But improves with a white voluminous cardigan and darker brown suede boots as she attends Disney on Ice

Alessandra Ambrosio does it right the second time around by creating more volume at the top with a ribbed cardigan and also at the bottom with the suede brown boots.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Surely this isn’t the look you’re after

Kim Kardashian isn’t the one to shy away from anything controversial like this look here. Taupe nudes and pinks make this outfit a hot mess and it’s without considering the cropped leggings.

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