How To Pull Off Naked Dress Trend

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Naked dress trend is reaching its peak with different brands each trying to do their take on it. Before Dolce & Gabbana creations offered high waist panties and bra for little coverage and even before that celebrities went out of their way to show off in a wispy fabric they called a dress that didn’t conceal anything. Today there are many daifferent designs that make naked dress a little more wearable for somebody who isn’t a celebrity or a fashion blogger.

Naked Dress Trend

For Love and Lemons

For Love And Lemons is one of the naked dress brands for the public. It seems to be the brand’s signature look. While surely impressive this might not be the first choice for most. You have to be brave and confident to rock these in public and also find an appropriate occasion to attend in one, which can be a challenge. Eventhough it is not very revealing, the naked effect is strong.


Kristina Bazan wearing white Self-portait dress

Other naked dresses have less of the nude mesh in their design, which makes them much safer to wear. The denser the fabric pattern the lesser the naked effect. Some dress designs also feature a band of opaque fabric at the top and an opaque skirt as an alternative to panties and bra, which is also a great way to rock the sheer dress trend without feeling exposed.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s dress might seem modest compared to some of the other celebs’ red carpet outfits

Real life is much different from the red carpet and the photo set so the coverage is better. So ditch the panties and bras and opt for the bandage and skirt type of coverage. There are sheer shirt dresses with opaque pockets on the chest, so that could be a better option as well.

If you choose to wear a naked dress that is more daring you could wear a flesh-toned slip underneath but it may not work with every dress.

For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons

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