How To Wear Denim In 2016

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Denim is all in details and other things now. Forget jeans, overalls, and denim skirts. It’s denim everything else that matters. Spring 2016 runways showed a lot of different ways to wear denim in 2016 and it’s no longer only reserved for certain clothing items.

There are denim dresses, culottes, jackets, coats, and even tees. Rihanna went as far as creating an entire shoe collection with denim.

Wear it with denim accessories or on its own, with leather or embellishments, denim is far more interesting a fabric as once thought. It’s also quiet versatile and ages quiet well.

The designers really had fun with it and the trend took off easily. What do you think?

Still don’t like to wear denim? Here are five modern ways to rock it good.

VEKTOR dress
Vektor Spring 2016 denim dress

Chanel Spring 2016 denim look

Versus Versace
Versus Versace denim bomber jacket

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen embellished trench

A denim shirt gets an upgrade from Damyller for Spring 2016

Damyller dress
Denim dress

Timo Weiland lookbook
Timo Weiland makes familiar items feel different in denim

Timo Weiland
Timo Weiland Spring 2016 jacket

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