Let Gigi Hadid And Kendall Jenner Teach You How To Wear Trends

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Models’ off-duty style can often be much more interesting than something they wear on the runway, on the red carpet, or for a photoshoot. Why? Cause these looks are almost always instantly wearable and more affordable. So if you’re struggling pulling off the latest trends or simply want to find your style inspiration take a look at the famous model duo for cues.

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner Street Style

Athleisure trend

Athleisure trend is very much favored by both models

First and foremost, both models love the leggings. You can often see them wearing gym tights outside the gym while out and about. These often go in pair with a sport-y crop top or a bomber jacket and, of course, a pair of hip sneakers like Adidas’ Superstars. I still can’t forget the sport-y skirt Gigi wore with a printed black and white coat during Fashion Week, which she paired with white sneakers and a matching high neck top.

If you still cannot see the point of splurging on a pair of stylish tights and sport-y crop tops let Kendall and Gigi show you what you could do with them other than sweating during a workout.

Monochromatic trend

Monochromatic color trend

No matter what color is in trend or suits you a monochromatic trend is very much alive and can help you look both stylish and professional depending on your goal. Gigi looks amazing in a beige ensemble she wore with nude pumps. She even found the matching sunglasses. Kendall often prefers black including total black outfits but here she tries on almost the same color as her BFF and looks fantastic, although her black accessories are still with her.

You don’t have to stick to black or white or even beige though. Try an outfit entirely in your favorite hue or Pantone’s 2016 colors and see how great you’ll look. It’s, of course, easier to match tones, when you’re wearing a set or a suit.

Turtleneck trend


Turtleneck is a fall/winter staple but this year it’s also a huge trend. But if you think your turtleneck outfits look boring and old-fashioned, here are the style cues to pick up. An asymmetric turtleneck sweater in trendy grey that Kendall wears with leather pants looks extremely stylish especially when paired with skinny bottoms. A turtleneck and eye-catchy leggings? Why not?

And finally, if you don’t want to scratch your head at turtleneck and find bottoms to go with it, just invest into a knitted slinky turtleneck dress to save you in fall and dress you up in winter.

Thigh high boot trend

Thigh high boots

If you want, but can’t these thigh high boot looks must convince you. They also show how classy and chic these can look with a midi coat. Also take a look at the color combos. Black on black looks great as usual but you can also pair your boots with a navy coat or if they’re in dark grey with Pantone’s Serenity blue-like coat.


PJ trend

Going forward – PJ trend

If you can’t wait to see some Spring trends in action, Kendall Jenner’s got your back. The models seems to favor loose-fitting PJ-style clothes just as much as she likes her leggings. That Pantone-approved blouse in the middle looks like a shirt of an extremely luxurious satin PJ set and matched with a short skirt and boots, it makes for an extremely effortless yet stylish look.

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