Trendy Printed Leggings: Yay or Nay?

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Trendy Printed Leggings: Yay or Nay?

Printed leggings have been around for a while appearing in collections and fashion blogs reappearing as trend this Spring. But since the leggings aren’t always fashionable I was wondering if the printed leggings have changed some minds out there about this item? Gotta admit Alexander McQueen Lace Print leggings from Resort 2010 look kinda nice and now there are all kinds of prints out there including galaxy ones and floral leggings that definitely catch the eye.

Printed Leggings Trend

How To Wear

There are certain unspoken rules for wearing leggings.

  • Crop tops and leggings don’t match.
  • The top should be a bit lower than the thigh.
  • The print should be good quality.
  • Don’t wear them with a dress.

Since printed leggings got a lot going on in the pattern already keep the top simple. An oversize sweater would be an excellent choice for an early chilly fall. Choose a print that will not only suit your taste but also flatter your figure.

To rock this trend in early fall think wearing leggings with long cardigans and belts, knee-high boots, scarves and totes.

What do you say to the printed leggings trend: yay or nay?

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