10 Rain Boots for Women

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Want to make the statement with a offbeat look in the rainy gloomy weather? Put on some funky rain boots in the bold hues that will make you stand out and add the cheerful feel to your look.

Besides looking cool and fresh since they come in different colors, styles and patterns, these rain boots are reasonably priced. We are presenting you the coolest funky rain boots for the fall 2012 season.

10 Rain boots for women

Ashley rain boots from Dav
These Ashley Rain boots from Dav look extremely stylish and chic. Owing to the trendy design and the elegant feel, these boots could be combined with almost every single outfit.

Rain boots from Kamik
Kamik presented some great rain boots for the fall period. Besides the sophisticated appearance, these boots can boast the rubber sole, quilted nylon upper, fleece inside and the insulation from foam.

Melinda boot from Ralph Lauren
Those brand-addicted women could also find some interesting footwear to suit their high requirements. For instance, Melinda Boot by Ralph Lauren are made from the combination of the rubber sole and Vachetta leather, what guarantees the ankle protection from the cold temperature and rain. In fact Lauren launched 4 variations of this Melinda model.

Rain check boot from Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry managed to combine the hottest footwear trends such as wedges and bold hues in its Women’s Rain Check Boot. You can pick from the 8 different color offered.

Baxter rain boots from Betsey Johnson
I cannot think of a funkier person than Betsey Johnson, who designed the Baxter Rain Boots from Betsey. They are available in two colors and are distinguished with the quirky patterns and front laces, what adds the rock vibe to them.

Yippy rain boot from Nomad
Yippy Rain Boot by Nomad are able to suit every woman’s style since they come in 18 different patterns.

Autumn Wellingtons boots from Spy Love Buy
These ones with dotted patterns called “Autumn” Wellington Boots from Spy Love Buy are my favorites. They look very feminine, soft and are able to add the sweet touch to your look. In case you don’t like dots, there is another model with strips.

Savannah Wellington boots from Spy Love Buy
These “Savannah” Wellington Boots from Spy Love Buy can make you a center of everyone’s attention at the streets owing to the bold design. You may chose from over 20 patterns available.

Wild leopard wedge rain boots from Capelli New York

Want to add the playful mood to your look, then opt for the Wild Leopard Wedge Rain Boots or Shiny Party Animal Printed Rain Boot by Capelli New York. Incorporating the trendy elements like leopard pattern and wedges, they will definitely vivify your look.

Mademoiselle Bootie Jelly rain boot from Capelli New York
Looking for the affordable option of the rain boots, consider purchasing the Mademoiselle Bootie Jelly Rain Boot from Capelli New York.

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