Fall Must-Have: Midi Knitted Dress

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A knitted dress might have been a huge Spring trend but it fits Fall garb even better. It looks best in black and grey colors that happen to be trendy this season as does the midi length. And it’s easy to stay warm while looking glam and feminine and you just put it on and go. No effort required. Although here are a few tips to make it look even better.

Midi Knitted Dress Trend

Grey midi dress

Leather Jacket

What leather jacket cannot improve? Seriously even a wedding dress will look cool with a leather jacket. Just try it.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots can be warm but thanks to their size and length they always look exquisite and even adorable. It’s a great warmth combination too.

Statement Bag

You want a bit of glamour with a loose midi dress otherwise you may look a bit scruffy. A statement bag will let people know that all those baggy clothes are a part of your style. Finally, a slinky midi dress is a great way to show off your bod while you still can before the freezing temperatures hit and force everyone to wrap up into unflattering winter clothes.

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