This 2014 H&M Conscious Collection Hit Dress Is Still Making Waves

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H&M has got something right with this whole Conscious Collection but not only in terms of recyclability and eco-friendliness, but also design, trends, and cuts. One of their dresses from the 2014 collection is still getting love from common and royal fashionistas alike. This black lacy number has been worn by princess Mary, princess Victoria, and crown-princess Mette-Marit as well as celebs like Miranda Kerr and Emmy Rossum.

The asymmetric high-neck lace dress isn’t the only H&M conscious design that got some royal love though. Both princess Mary and Victoria wore H&M dresses from various conscious collections. And it’s not surprising as their designs are simply too stunning to pass up and they cost a fraction of the cost of designer and especially couture pieces.

H&M’s 2016 Conscious Collection is not only full of interesting loose-fitting pieces, it also offers affordable wedding dresses for unconventional brides.

2014 H&M Conscious Collection Hit Dress

H&M black dress

Princess Mary in H&M black dress
Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mette-Marit in H&M black dress
Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Emmy Rossum in H&M black dress
Emmy Rossum

Miranda Kerr in H&M black dress
Miranda Kerr

H&M Silk Blend Long Skirt
Silk Blend Long Skirt is a great alternative to the dress

2016 H&M Conscious Collection

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