How To Wear Laser-Cuts This Summer

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Olivia Palermo in a gorgeous laser-cut dress
Olivia Palermo in a gorgeous laser-cut dress
There are plenty of designs and embellishments one can go for today. All sorts of prints and differently textured stylings all contribute to a huge variety of options for a contemporary lady to choose among. Meantime, we sometimes struggle with this choice, as it is very easy to get lost in an enormous myriad of pieces designed and manufactured. If you were right in the process of searching for a beautiful outfit to wear this summer, but had doubts about what exactly it should be – here is a collection of breath-taking ensembles that will each inspire to the greatest extent possible. Every single look presented below features a laser-cut adornment which makes it impossible to not fall in love with the images.

Laser-Cut Adornment To Embellish Your Summer Looks

Black is always the right color if you want to create a stylish and elegant ensemble. There are many ways to play with this color, but here is the one that will definitely speak to you a lot. If you happen to be a fan of magnificent Olivia Palermo, then I have no doubt that this composition will win your hearts and minds for good. The beauty sported a stunning dress in black leather that features an incredible design. The short-sleeved pieces with a flare mini skirt and tight neckline is adorned with a very engaging laser-cut pattern all along the piece. Additionally, the item is styled with an inner layer in beige which perfectly matches the wide and trimmed belt along the waistline. The frock is complemented with a pair of super sophisticated pumps in plum and bronze, a trendy clutch in yellow and saucy sunglasses in black.

If you would like to add a stylish look to your smart casual collection, here is something that will surely make your day. A pair of dark blue crop jeans is combined with a classy white button-up shirt and a marvelous top in blue. Although it is rather hard to call it a top, as the item features a very intensive laser-cut embellishment which makes it rather a cape than a regular shirt. The striking color of this beautiful piece matches with that of the exquisite pumps adorned with a myriad of rhinestones. To complete this alluring ensemble, the fashionista added a cute clutch in gold and a moderately designed necklace.

Boho laser-cut outfit in black & red
Boho laser-cut outfit in black & red
Boho style is always on trend, so do not even hesitate to try it on – especially when it is such an appealing and chic look that we are talking about. All you need to do in order to create one of the most fabulous laser-cut outfits ever is just to combine a stunning long-sleeved loose dress in red and black plaid with a pair of lace up black shoes and a wide-brimmed hat. The dress features a tight neckline, an asymmetrical zipper and a round-shaped pattern along the hemline of the mini skirt.If you throw in a statement necklace in black and gold as well as a range of bracelets and rings, you can be sure that this outfit of yours will attract a large amount of attention from anyone who passes by.

Suits are always a great complementary piece to anyone’s closet. Be it a pant suit or any other one, the outfit that you create with its help will feature an elegant and luxurious touch. If such a result is your intention, you ought to use this particular look as a sample to be inspired by. This astonishing ensemble consists of two parts: a striking two-textured dress with a floral bodice and a basque pencil skirt in carrot red as well as a matching long-sleeved crop jacket. While the latter features a zip lock and is collar-free, the former is styled in a very moderate way – which makes the combo a perfect choice for a business meeting or as an office wear piece. To finish this saucy outfit, the stunner added a pair of elegant and very moderately designed pumps in indigo, a stylish clutch in red, black and pink, a lovely statement necklace and trendy glasses in black. All in one, this is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated outfits featuring a laser-cut pattern.

There are some more beautiful ensembles to provide you with a better idea of how a laser-cut embellished outfit can be sported this summer. Feel free to use the below collection as a visual manual to come up with the engaging and saucy looks of your own.

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