Trendy Belts For Fall/Winter 2012/2013

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A belt can make or break the outfit. It can also help correct the figure and define the waist. It’s practical and can be stylish and beautiful. For Fall/Winter 2012/2013 season the designers created a wide variety of belts from thin almost unnoticable but functional ones to dramatic waist-cinching designs. There are also simple wide leather belts, metalic belts, and various other styles and designs.

Peplum Belt

Peplum belts spotted at Etro are practical as they can add a peplum detail to any outfit. Peplum defines the waist and adds a twist to the outfit’s silhouette. The belt at the right also has an underbust corset which creates a defined waist.

Waist-Cinching Belts

Wide waist-defining belts can be worn over the coats to create a wasp-y waistline. It’s also a great way of playing with textures. The difference in fabrics of coat and belt make for a nice dynamic in the outfit.

Decorative Buckles

An interesting belt buckle can bring a nice accent to the outfit. At Lanvin (left) the models sported a braided leather belt with tiger head buckle while at Anna Sui the suede belts were decorated with big golden buckles in floral design.

Trendy Belts For Fall 2012 Season

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