Zara Offers Gym Wear At Last

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Zara is among the last affordable brands to add gymwear to their collection. The Spanish brand created a line of simple functional workout clothes just in time for another wave of new gymgoers that want to get slimmer for summer.

Zara workout clothes

The brand went with not only simple designs but also solid neutrals like white, black, and grey. Navy legging set and a neon chartreuse windbreaker make for a nice color combo but the rest of the items come mainly in those neutral colors.

Beside the usual gymwear items like leggings and sports bras the brand offers T-shirts and sneakers, bodysuits, and hair elastics. The price range starts at $8 for socks and the most expensive thing in the entire collection is a 70-dollar semi-transparent raincoat.

The collection aesthetics is really similar to that of Nike so if you’re looking for nice budget Nike alternatives take a look at Zara gymwear collection.

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