Best of Paris Fashion Week Street Style

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Paris fashion crowd knows a thing or two about style. In Milan we saw many dresses, many sport-y looks in London and rock ‘n’ roll in New York. Paris was all about statement jackets, trenches, and coats. Many wore trousers and jeans. Here are the top ten looks we loved from Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna Battaglia

Well, we can’t ignore a sequined pencil skirt. It looks amazing with a slightly oversized grey sweater and a multicolor clutch, which accents the look.

Pleated skirt

Speaking of skirts, here’s another example of how to style a statement skirt in a warmer outfit. The print qnd the metallic finish make it quite intimidating but the classic black balances it all out.

Paris Fashion Week street style

This look makes an opposite statement with a stylish sweatshirt paired with a black short skirt and matching ankle boots, a never-losing combination.

Tanya Dziahileva

Model Tanya Dziahileva shows us how it’s done with a textured leather trench. We also love the small envelope clutch and the high ponytail.


Jewel tones work everywhere from interior design to fashion. Mix and match emerald green, saphire blue, and amethyst purple for the ultimate fall outfit.

Assymetrical outfit

Assymetrical fashion is taking over. A few fashionistas showed up in long tops with assymetrical slits but this atendee took it to a whole new level.Candle Novembre

Candela Novembre

Candela Novembre looked as stylish and impeccably dressed as usual. One of her looks was a total beige ensemble while anotjer white had an assyemtrical white ruffled skirt as a focus.

Candela Novembre

Chiara Ferragni showed a lot of cool outfits but these two stood out for us. An embellished chemise dress in mustard yellow and green looked amazing with red-framed cateye sunglasses.

Chiarra Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni

Matching in style skirt and boots make for a great ensemble with a red sweater as an accent. The cap may not be to our taste but it gives a certain charm to the look.

What do you think about these Paris Fashion Week outfits?

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