Kristina Bazan of Kayture- Famous Fashion Blogger

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Being just 19-years-old, Kristina Bazan is a recognized expert and popular fashionista in the world of fashion. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland and works for the fashion blog Kayture where she publishes high-fashion worth look posts with the help of her boyfriend-photographer James.

Moreover, she shoots professional makeup tutorials, which are favored by the fashionistas throughout the world who admire her flawless light skin, smoky eye makeup and bright lipcolor.
Kristina promotes layering the sequins, feathers and fur without the fear of looking vulgar. Besides demonstrating her daily polished and chic outfits, this stylish teen manages to travel around the world for building the professional connections that help in promoting her further fashion career.

Nevertheless, she has to sacrifice her academics in attempt of creating the interesting and original fashion blog. The previous year Kristina Bazan won in the Community’s Choice category by Polyvore Blogger Awards.
Kristina stated that she finds inspiration in everything that surrounds her starting from the restaurant decorations to the movie heroes, which she considers to be the best ones since they are truly personal. Also Kristina loves reading Vogue and Elle in search for original ideals. Kristina creates her chic and clean cut looks by blending the personal taste with the inspiration from the high fashion magazine editorials.

She started the blogging activity by creating the account on Lookbook and Blogger by the end of 2010 with the help of her boyfriend-photographer James, who takes the major part of her photos.
Kristina thinks that the success of her fashion blog lays not only in the regular posts with the fashionable and unique looks, but also in the high quality pictures with the original styling.

The main advice Kristina gives to the fashion bloggers is staying yourself and trying to incorporate your personality and own style in your looks without copying someone else. Besides, she recommends to avoid buying the clothes with loud designers’ names just because it is trendy: you can always come up with the stunning outfit even using the second-hand items.

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