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Dasha Gold
Dasha Gold

I love checking out the fashion blogs. It is awlays super nice to keep up with the lifestyles and recent events of the blogegers that I follow. But what’s more important here, I get a great chance to see the new looks. And these looks keep astonishing me every time. Seems like these magnificent ladies have one secret source of inspiration ,which they all use when it comes to going out. And I don’t event think, they would leave their homes in an outfit that was already donned before. There is absolutely no logic behind such a behavior, but that’s the sweetest thing about it. Read on to figure out what ensembles the three bloggers have come up with recently.

Dasha Gold, ChuChus Suarez & Ashley Madekwe with New Looks

Dasha Gold presented a lovely outfit which stresses her slim body. Posing out on the streets of Melbourne and being photographed by her husband, Colin Gold, the Australian blogger obviously enjoyed the day. She rocked a high-waisted mini skirt in black by Mossman with a stylish SheInside jumper in black and white and a GoldDot top in cream. An absolutely mindblowing pair of blue pumps matches the elegant Forever Newclutch creating a very bright impression. Shakuhachi under-top, House of Harlow 1960 metal bracelet and rings along with Wildfoz red frame glasses make this ensemlbe totally awesome. This is how she commented on this look:

 In the usual Melbourne fashion there are 4 seasons in one day, and I am prepared to take them all in with my magical outfit transformation. I love wearing layers even during the warmer seasons, and the outfit is never boring when you can take it from the office out to dinner. Accessories like structured clutch, classic pumps and a warm jumper are perfect for the office look…What we wear is a reflection of what we feel like today, and I am feeling a need to be versatile and ready for anything and everything that life throws at me.

Ashley Madekwe
Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe offers a smart-casual look in moderate shades. Bleached Boyfriend jeans by H&M are paired with a beige Equipment shirt and a Brora cashmere sweater over. I like the color of the jumper, for light slate looks both elegant and refreshing. In terms of accessories, Ashley didn’t bother with any outstanding pieces and just opted for a pair of rings in silver. One thing I also like is a pair of breath-taking ankle straps in bronze that she sported.

ChuChus Suarez
ChuChus Suarez

ChuChus Suarez has always been walking her own path. You will never spot her wearing an outfit that is cliche or overworn. She tries to bring in a new touch, an innovative style that would somehow reinforce the rule of fashion in the today’s world. And, she definitely succeeds. A pair of balck leggins by Zara sounds very predictable, I would say. Red shoes by the same Spanish brand are way better. The footwear piece actually macthes the saucy gloves in red leather by Blanco. Ana Moreno designed the enchanting piece of chain necklace in gold as well as the masive bracelet. The Spanish blogger is totally a patriot, as she wears so many pieces created by Zara.

All the three bloggers managed to bring us to life with their incredile outfits. My favorite one is Dasha Gold’s look, which is appropiate to be donned anywhere, srarting from a working place to a casual hangout with friends.


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