Street Style: 13 Boho Looks

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Adorable boho look by Olivia Palermo
Adorable boho look by Olivia Palermo
Boho outfits have always attracted our fashion minds. There is something extremely appealing in these light designs that makes us resort to this style over and over again. I am pretty sure that all of you have at least once in lifetime fallen for suede, fringe, printed chiffon or wide-brimmed hats. All of these elements constitute this cool style and by all means represents very popular articles. Below are 13 ensembles that are full of this trendy and saucy touch: all you have to do is just to enjoy this perfect beauty and choose one for your own inspiration.

Spring 2015 Street Style Update: Inspired By Boho

Olivia Palermo knows how to create astonishing looks that become must-haves in a span of several seconds. If you were looking for something that would show off your high fashion taste, then this is exactly what you need. It is absolutely impossible to not fall in love with this cool outfit, as it is full of elegant vibe and alluring touch. The perfect composition consists of a rust brown long-sleeved shirt in suede and a high waist flare tan skirt with a fringed hem. The piece is adorned with a contrasting belt which matches the shirt and the exquisite gold necklace. A pair of sophisticated beige sandals along with the dark brown fringed handbag and trendy sunglasses finish this awesome combo.

Those of you who prefer more casual and somewhat sporty outfits, here is something that you will fall in love with. This cute ensemble will be quite appropriate for any event that you attend during summer time, as it will keep you feel comfy and look great. A pair of high waist denim shorts in dark blue is combined with a black crop top featuring some laser cut design along the neckline. Very saucy black shoes as well as printed denim backpack and colorful fringed scarf fit in this look in a brilliant way.

Striking boho maxi dress
Striking boho maxi dress
A dress is obviously a perfect clothing piece for summer, so there is no even need in listing all its advantages. One thing you should know about this particular piece though is that one can rock it on any possible occasion. For instance, if you are planning to attend a celebration party and would like to look accordingly. Match your awesome mid-ankle dress in a splash of color with a pair of embroidered sandals in black and a brown handbag. Now here is the second option: what if you were invited to a small reception on the yacht? How to style this lovely item? The answer is easier than you can imagines: just wear the frock with a pair of light espadrilles and a tiny over-the-shoulder handbag.

Have you ever thought of rocking overalls? This is another very cool option for this summer, so do not hesitate to get into your own collection. The gorgeous pair of overalls in printed blue fabric looks great against the plain white T-shirt, trendy blue and black shoes and fringed tote in beige. You may not necessarily sport this outfit to the office or some highly fashionable event, but just imagine how awesome you would look with this ensemble on when you stroll in a city! Besides, you can easily change the styling elements to switch among different styles.

A pair of jeans can complement any outfit one can think of. Especially when it is a super stylish pair of Boyfriend jeans that we are talking about. Ripped up denims are paired with a classic collared shirt in sky blue, a pair of nude pumps and one of the most exquisite and appealing coats ever. The multi-colored outerwear piece features an extraordinary and very appealing design which will definitely speak to many of you. The color combination of the item deserves a big round of applause, as it is represented by violet, blue, white, orange, indigo and powder pink. Two layers of vibrant fringe adorn the coat and make it even more desirable and cool.

Here is another boho outfit that features jeans, however this time it is styled in a totally different way. Elena Perminova is another fashionista who releases some of the most astonishing looks ever. And this one was not an exception. The blonde stunner rocked a strapless tank top in tan with a pair of skinny blue jeans and a mesmerizing fringed scarf in peach. The latter is embellished in a very engaging way which adds another point to this striking ensemble. The saucy and appealing composition is complemented by a pair of sandals with ethnic motifs, wide-brimmed hat in purple and a bright tote in orange.

There are some more boho looks in the gallery below. Browse through the pictures and share with us on the outfit that spoke to you the most.

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