These Are The Best Bicycle Outfits

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bicycle dress look

While a white dress seems like a perfect fit for your bicycle it’s not so practical when it comes to actually cycling and carrying it. You don’t want any flesh flashing or your heels getting stuck in the bicycle pedals, so choosing your garb carefully should be a priority. It doesn’t mean you can’t look cute and romantic on your bike or have to wear only pants.

Athleisure seems like the next best thing for the bicycle look but if you don’t want to look too sporty, well then there are more options for you out there.

Best Bicycle Outfits

Short bicycle look

Embroidered shorts make for an eye-catchy accent while a white tee doesn’t require much thinking.

Pant bicycle look

The same goes for the pants. You can choose some flashy style like these silver metallic short-legged trousers that could be paired with a white tee, shirt, or blouse or a black top if you’re after a more night out look. The sneakers go well with the bicycle lock but this look requires a more formal shoe or at least monochromatic athletic kicks.

Jeans bicycle look

Cut offs are a summer classic and look fitting on a bicycle. Add a racer tank, a chemise top, or a white shirt and don’t think twice about it.

Crochet bicycle look

Again, shorts are a perfect summer wear and there are so many possible combinations. For instance, this crochet top gives printed shorts a romantic touch.

Boho bicycle look

I don’t recommend those heels for a bicycle look but the long-sleeved boho romper is another great item to have this summer especially if you’re riding a bike.

Skort bicycle look

Finally, if you have to wear a skirt, at least opt for a skorted version to feel more comfortable in your seat and not do the cycling with closed legs, which looks hilarious.


Biker shorts are appropriate only on a bike or in the gym. But even they can be stylized nicely.

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